Mission Statement

The mission of the Desi Society is to increase the number of South Asian American  Correction Officers in the New York City Department of Correction (NYCD hereinafter) by conducting recruitment drives within the growing South Asian Communities of New York. It is the objective of the Society to provide assistance to the NYCD in addressing the needs of the various South Asian American Communities.  Additionally, the Society will be able:

• To enhance mutual understanding between the NYCD and the many communities of South Asian descent.

• To increase our knowledge and understanding of the South Asian Cultural heritage that unites our South Asians members within the NYCD.

• To provide a close union for its members and to promote diversity amongst its members.

• To be part of an ethnic group of professionals who cherish the remembrance of their South Asian roots.

• To sponsor such activities as may enhance services to its members and their families.

• To address concerns and issues that are particular to our heritage and ways to remedy them.

• To provide a platform for New York City Correction Officers of South Asian descent to congregate, network and organize events to celebrate their heritage.